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Natural Diamonds and Gemstone Jewellery

Diamond Treats is built on a legacy of over 40 years of timeless jewellery design, exceptional service, and unparalleled prices. Our main collection comes in beautifully crafted 9K and 18K white and yellow gold, and we have a selection of fine sterling silver jewellery. Alongside jewellery, Diamond Treats is a proud stockist of Deakin & Francis cufflinks - the highest quality British-made cufflinks.

From elegant diamond earrings and diamond pendant necklaces to freshwater pearl earrings and pearl pendants, Diamond Treats covers the classics and more. We have an exciting array of expertly cut coloured gemstone jewellery. Our simple, minimalist designs set with sparkling clusters of diamonds and gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and pearls will be treasured for generations.

Gifts are our speciality at Diamond Treats. We know it is not just jewellery that you are looking for, it is something special to mark a significant moment or milestone. Whether you choose diamond solitaire earrings, diamond bangles, diamond tennis bracelets, cufflinks, or another favourite piece of jewellery, our personalised engraving service will make your gift memorable.

Diamonds are the most coveted of all gemstones. Each one is a rare and precious gift from mother nature created deep in the earth billions of years ago. Diamonds are carefully selected for their brilliance and clarity before they are expertly crafted into our unique designs. Timeless and intrinsically beautiful, diamond jewellery will be passed down for generations to come.

Diamond stud earrings are popular for their elegance and sophistication. A single solitaire diamond is set in fine gold, silver, or platinum, perfect for everyday wear. Diamond solitaire earrings are available in a variety of shapes, such as princess cut diamond studs and round brilliant cut diamond studs. Diamond hoop earrings are a bolder and fashionable choice. Classic hoop earrings are studded with sparkling diamonds.

Diamond cluster earrings offer interest and sparkle. Clusters of small diamonds are set in stars, flowers and hearts, or around a large central diamond. Diamond cluster earrings are beautifully crafted in bezel, claw, and pave settings. Diamond is the hardest gemstone, and diamond jewellery has long been associated with love. This strength and symbolism make diamonds an ideal choice for engagement rings and wedding rings.

Sapphires are usually blue gemstones but they come in an array of beautiful colours. Sapphires can be yellow, purple and pink, ranging from nearly colourless to intense hues. Blue sapphires are the most loved in sapphire jewellery. The deeper the colour, the more highly prized the sapphire. Natural sapphires are carefully selected and expertly cut and polished. Sapphire is the birthstone for September.

Sapphire jewellery makes a striking statement. The deep blue sapphire gemstone is often complemented by a cluster of diamonds or an elegant diamond halo. Blue sapphire paired with white gold is a popular choice for its timeless quality. Our sapphire jewellery is available in various styles, from delicate sapphire stud earrings to sapphire chain necklaces with bold sapphire pendants.

Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone after diamond, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings. Blue sapphire engagement rings have an air of royalty about them. Imbued with romance, sapphire jewellery makes the perfect gift. Whatever milestone you are celebrating, a sapphire necklace, a sapphire ring or sapphire stud earrings will be cherished forever.

Ruby is a bright red gemstone and often thought of as the most magnificent of all jewels. Rubies range from bold pinks to deep rich reds. The deeper the hue the rarer and more desirable the gem. Ruby jewellery has been imbued with significance and meaning throughout history, often worn in the form of talismans. Ruby radiates passion and energy, and is thought to symbolise love and enchantment.

Ruby jewellery is timelessly beautiful. Ruby has a luxurious quality that makes it stand out. Rubies are paired with yellow gold and white gold, and often set within diamonds making their rich red tones even more striking. Our ruby jewellery is available in a variety of styles, from delicate ruby stud earrings to fine ruby chain necklaces with bold ruby pendants. Ruby is the birthstone for July.

Ruby gifts are traditionally given on the 40th wedding anniversary, but also more recently on the 15th anniversary and 80th anniversary. Ruby is the second hardest gemstone, like sapphire, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings. The association with love and romance makes ruby rings and ruby jewellery the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that will be treasured.

Pearls are unique as they come from the sea, not the earth like other gemstones. They form inside mollusks, such as oysters, clams or mussels, when a grain of sand gets inside. Pearl jewellery is highly valued as pearls take years to grow. Natural pearls are extremely rare. Cultivated pearls are grown in both freshwater and seawater. Pearls vary in colour from white to pale pink, brown or black, depending on the type of water and shell.

Pearls are round, lustrous and smooth. They have an ethereal, dreamlike quality, which has made pearl jewellery desirable since ancient times. Pearls are synonymous with femininity and sophistication. Our pearl jewellery is available in white gold and yellow gold. Diamonds are sometimes added to heighten the lustre and enhance the design. Pearl diamond earrings and pearl diamond pendants make beautiful gifts.

Pearls are traditionally given on the 30th wedding anniversary. Thought to symbolise enduring love and wisdom, they are the ideal choice to show devotion to a loved one. Whether it is pearl drop earrings, pearl stud earrings or a single pearl pendant, pearls have a timeless quality. White pearls are favoured for bridal jewellery as they are thought to symbolise purity, sincerity and new beginnings. Pearl is the birthstone for June.

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