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Precious memories for every milestone

Diamond Treats is built on a legacy of over 40 years of timeless jewellery design, exceptional service, and unparalleled prices. Our main collection comes in beautifully crafted 9K and 18K white and yellow gold, and we have a selection of fine sterling silver jewellery. Alongside jewellery, Diamond Treats is a proud stockist of Deakin & Francis cufflinks - the highest quality British-made cufflinks.

From elegant diamond earrings and diamond pendant necklaces to freshwater pearl earrings and pearl pendants, Diamond Treats covers the classics and more. We have an exciting array of expertly cut coloured gemstone jewellery. Our simple, minimalist designs set with sparkling clusters of diamonds and gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and pearls will be treasured for generations.

Gifts are our speciality at Diamond Treats. We know it is not just jewellery that you are looking for, it is something special to mark a significant moment or milestone. Whether you choose diamond solitaire earrings, diamond bangles, diamond tennis bracelets, cufflinks, or another favourite piece of jewellery, our personalised engraving service will make your gift memorable.

A Diamond is one of the best known and most sought after of all precious gemstones. Diamonds are also one the most hardest natural materials. Diamond jewellery is said to be timeless. Owners of diamond jewellery pass on their collection of designs to future generations. Diamond jewellery is the most popular form of jewellery especially with the association of diamonds with romance and love. People appreciated the value of diamonds and are drawn to diamond jewellery for its brilliance, style and meaning. Diamond jewellery can come in different forms all of which have a meaningful and valued place in all woman’s jewellery box. There are diamond cluster earrings which add sparkle to any outfit. The clusters feature several small diamonds closely packed together to make an overall design such as a star, flower or heart. In a cluster, the collection of diamonds forming the cluster can all be the same shape or an assortment of shapes specially selected to form that unique design. Occasionally the cluster is formed with a larger centre diamond with smaller diamonds forming patterns around it. The setting option for a cluster earing may be bezel, claw or pave all of which are selected by the jewellery designer to create that final outstanding item of jewellery. Diamond hoop earrings are versatile, chic circular earrings that come studded with diamonds that add sparkle to a the most casual to the most sophisticated of looks. Diamond stud earrings are another form of diamond jewellery worn by millions. Solitaire earrings are viewed as a symbol of finesse and royalty. Diamond stud earrings are an item of jewellery created by setting single solitaire diamonds into a gold silver or platinum mount. This creates a simple but sophisticated item of jewellery which can be worn on the earlobe as a regular everyday item of jewellery. Diamond stud earrings come in a variety of diamond cuts (or shapes) like square princess cut diamond studs or round brilliant cut diamond studs and can be worn casually, semi-formally as well as on formal occasions. No matter how the diamond jewellery piece is designed or crafted, it is undeniable that diamonds are one of the most beautiful and timeless gemstones adorned by all.

The sapphire is the birthstone for September. Sapphires are gemstones that are typically blue although they are available in many colours ranging from near colourless to intensely coloured. The typical colours of sapphires are yellow, blue, purple and pink, although the most popular and most valuable sapphire is the blue sapphire. In fact, red is the only colour that a sapphire does not exist in. Natural sapphires are cut and polished to be set in jewellery and are found in variety of jewellery designs and products. Sapphires add the perfect touch of colour to jewellery normally set with white diamonds to compliment and main sapphire gemstone. Every gemstone lover adores the blue sapphire which is set into a vast array of jewellery styles such as stud, drop earrings, pendants, hoops etc – usually set with a touch of diamonds to form that perfect contrast of colours. Sapphire earrings can be stud type earrings where a simple sapphire set on its own or set with a cluster of smaller diamonds around the main feature sapphire creating unique and beautiful designs. Sapphire drop earrings are designed to hang down under the ear lobe. Blue Sapphire earrings are known to be very elegant items of jewellery and are mostly preferred in white gold. Blue sapphire earrings and blue sapphire necklaces are usually the most valuable sapphire jewellery purely because a blue sapphire is normally the most valuable of all sapphire. Blue sapphire jewellery when set with a variety of different coloured sapphires, make the most extraordinary items of jewellery with cleverly arranged colour combinations creating sensational designs of sapphire earrings, sapphire hoops, sapphire rings as well as other forms of sapphire jewellery. Sapphires are also commonly used as a bold centre piece gemstone in sapphire pendants with chains creating an elegant sapphire necklace.

The ruby is the birthstone for those born in July. Ruby is distinguished by its bright red colour and it is one of the highest valued gemstones. The mineral name for ruby ‘corundum’. The word ruby is derived from a Latin word ‘ruber’ which means red. The most desirable colour for ruby is deep rich red with a hint of blue that is called pigeon blood. It is one of the most desirable gems due to its rarity, bold colour, hardness (second to diamond), durability and lustre. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘red sapphire’. It is a stone of nobility and considered by many to be the most magnificent of all gemstones. It is regarded as a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. The ruby gemstone can be cut to form a variety of shapes and sizes to be set into jewellery such as ruby earrings and ruby necklaces. Ruby earrings are set with ruby gemstones, usually like other gemstone earrings, the ruby is often complimented with small diamonds set around the main feature ruby gemstone. The design of ruby earrings can be in various forms which include drop earring, ruby stud earrings, hoop earrings amongst others. This gemstone can also be used to form a ruby pendant which can be worn on a chain as a ruby necklace. Rubies in jewellery sometimes serve as the centrepiece gemstone with larger rubies set with smaller diamonds creating beautiful pendants, rings and earrings. Rubies are preferred to be set in yellow or white gold in order to provide a striking contrast to the red of the ruby. Rubies represent the 15th , 40th and 80th anniversaries and are often given as gifts on these special occasions. Ruby rings are sometimes used as an alternative to diamond engagement rings.

Pearl is a hard object that is produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk and is composed of calcium carbonate. The ideal pearl is round, lustrous and smooth. Natural pearls are very rare and occur spontaneously in the wild, while cultured pearls are from pearl oysters formed in freshwater or seawater. Pearl are unique among gemstones because they arise from the sea and not the depth of the earth. Pearls have been used in jewellery from as far back as the ancient Greek times. Pearls can be used to make a variety of jewellery and sometimes can be combined with diamonds to give the gemstones a startlingly beautiful effect. Pearl diamond earrings are earrings made with both gemstones in combination to form an amazing piece of jewellery. It can be in the form of drop earring or stud earrings. Pearl drop earrings are very popular as an item of jewellery, however whether you choose simple pearl stud earrings or pearl drop earrings, the beauty of both styles has its own place as some of the most stunning forms of jewellery. Pearls are usually distinguished by the colour, with white and black pearls being the most preferred. A pearls lustre and lack of surface marks is also important in determining a pearls value. Pearl jewellery is normally made using white gold, yellow gold or silver. The chosen shape of the pearl and the overtone also helps create distinguished pearl drop earrings. A pearl pendant necklace is another piece of jewellery that pearls can be used to make. When it comes to dressy or even formal fashions, the perfect accessory will always be a pearl pendant. The pendant is sometimes surrounded by designs formed using gold and diamonds embellishments to create that stunning piece of jewellery.

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