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 About Diamond Treats

Diamond Treats is an online jewellery retail store by Satyan Jewellers - Established in 1982

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Satyan Jewellers is a family run business serving luxury jewellery to customers for 34 years in the UK.  Based in London we have served customers from all over UK and abroad and are fortunate to have a customer base that trust our brand, enjoy our service and share our love for jewellery.

We have been privileged to experience the joy of serving thousands of happy customers over so many years – sharing our vast collections of jewellery designed and crafted to the highest of standards that we have always stuck to.  Our goal has always been to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, making sure our customers get what is truly right for them.

Diamond Treats is our opportunity to share our jewellery knowledge and designs with our online customers throughout the world.  It gives our customers the opportunity to experience and enjoy our beautifully designed and crafted jewellery by ordering their perfect piece from the comfort of their homes.  

All our collections  available to view at our London store, so if you wish to see the item before purchasing, you are welcome to visit at your convenience.   All jewellery at Diamond Treats is crafted by some of the best jewellery craftsmen in the world and come with a Free Valuation Certificate as well as a Diamond Certificate to ensure that the highest of standards are always met.  Furthermore, with our ‘no quibble’ returns policy and totally secure payment gateway, our customers can feel 100% confident to complete their jewellery purchase .

Making a Difference is important.  We serve our customers to the best of our ability every day, but this is because we believe that being successful in what we do is only possible if we focus on what our customers want.  We constantly work to grow our business through the satisfaction and support of our customers - we have done this since 1982 and have been fortunate to have gained the trust and loyalty of hundreds (even 1000's) of customers during that period.  We are fortunate... because we think that fortunate people and companies are those who receive the opportunity to be able to give back to society.  The world is full of good hearted people, but as much as most of us want to be able to help the less fortunate, its not always possible to do so due to the financial burdens and commitments that we all walk around with daily. 

Proudly supporting NSPCC

Diamond Treats enjoys growing sales and donates 1% of all sales to Charity.  Our growth gives us much satisfaction but more than that we get satisfaction from the growing donations that we hand over on a monthly basis to Charities to help those that need it.  This has only been possible due to your support and we hope that in the years to come - through your trust in us - we can do much more for people who dont enjoy the same fortune that we all do.  Thank you for your support - we are truly grateful!