What if my ring size is not in stock?

If the ring size is in stock, when you go to select your ring size, the words "In Stock" will appear next to the size.  If the ring size you want is not in stock, you can still order the ring but the delivery time will be 6 weeks.  You can also select your ring size and see the delivery time displayed below the Product Price. All items in stock will be dispatched within 1-2 working days.

What is the purpose of a valuation certificate?

All jewellery that you purchase from us comes with a free valuation certificate.  The valuation shows the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of the item which is required by insurance companies as the retail price of the item for replacement purposes.  The valuation will come with the name of the person who placed the order for the item so also acts as proof of ownership. 

Can I return earrings?

Yes.  We are able to sterilise earrings if returned so are happy for customers to return their Diamond Earrings if necessary.

Can I have my order delivered to an alternate address to my billing address?

Yes.  You will be prompted to enter the required delivery address at checkout. 

What diamond quality is used?

Mostly, the diamonds set in our jewellery are a minimum of Clarity SI and Colour G/H.  However, for each item, please check the 'Diamond Quality' mentioned on the product page.  All of our diamonds come with a Diamond Certificate which is issued once we have checked and verified the quality of the diamond set in the jewellery.  For more information about diamond quality visit our Diamond Guide.

Are your diamonds conflict-free?

All our diamonds have been sourced ethically through legitimate suppliers.  We partner with suppliers who take this matter very seriously and guarantee that all diamonds are sourced ethically.  Our suppliers guarantee that all diamonds come through a government and UN-backed process introduced in 2003 known as the ‘Kimberley Process’.  The Kimberley process is now law in all EU countries (as well as many other countries worldwide) and works very effectively to regulate the flow of rough diamonds into the market, ensuring conflict diamonds are excluded from the supply chain.

Is your jewellery nickel free?

Nickel is a substance that can be used in white gold, however, it can be harmful if it comes in direct contact with the skin for prolonged periods.  For this reason, in the UK and Europe, the use of Nickel in jewellery is regulated under the Dangerous Substances and Preparations (Nickel Safety) Regulation 2005.  All our items are manufactured to fully comply with the UK and EU regulations that apply to the use of Nickel in Jewellery.

Are the products hallmarked?

It is a legal requirement in UK for precious metal jewellery to be hallmarked by an independent Assay Office.  The only exemptions are for those items which fall below 1g weight for gold, 7.78g for silver, and 0.50g for Platinum.  The law applies to all items sold in UK regardless of where they are made, which means that nowhere else in the world are consumers better protected for jewellery purchased than in UK.  All our products are hallmarked by the Assay Office as stipulated by the law in UK.

Can I collect my item?

If you wish to collect your item, then please email sales@diamondtreats.co.uk or call us on 020 3826 8915 as soon as you have placed your order to arrange an appointment.  The order will have to be collected by the person who placed the order and they will have to present the credit/debit card with which they paid for the item as well as a photo ID and a proof of address (which is less than 3 months old).  Our store address can be found on our Contact Us page. 

Can I request a specific delivery date?

Yes.  If you would like the item to be delivered to you on a certain date, please email us on sales@diamondtreats.co.uk or call us on 020 3826 8915 as soon as you have placed your order and we will ensure that the items are sent to you to be received on your requested date.

What is rhodium plating?

18k white gold is made with 75% gold, with the remaining 25% being an alloy of other white metals such as silver and palladium.  As 75% of the metal is a naturally yellow metal (gold), even after combining this with a white alloy, the end result gives 18ct white gold a grey colour with a slight shade/tint of yellow.  This is the natural colour of white gold.  Once the jewellery is made, it is plated with Rhodium which is a precious white metal that gives it a wonderful white shine.  Rhodium plating can wear away eventually through normal wear and tear but to keep jewellery looking its best, the item can easily be re-rhodium plated to bring it back to new.  How long the rhodium plating lasts is dependent on the wear and tear that the product of jewellery receives, so normally the rhodium plating on necklaces and earrings will last much longer than it would on rings and bangles.  All our 9K and 18k white gold is rhodium plated to give it the beautiful finish that you want to see is all white gold jewellery.