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When shopping at Diamond Treats you can rest assured that your transaction will be 100 percent secure!

Diamondtreats.co.uk is fully compliant with the PCI-DSS standard. This is the standard created by the major card schemes to ensure that all card details are held appropriately. This involves a thorough assessment of the business’s capacity to handle card information along with infrastructure to transmit card data. This standard gives assurance to Customers that card data will be handled with the highest care.

As part of PCI-DSS compliance, Diamondtreats.co.uk possesses an SSL certificate. With the SSL certificates, secure communications can take place over unsecured networks, vastly reducing the risk of 'Man in Middle' attacks as the card data cannot be decrypted.

With the SSL certificate, the customers can also be assured of the integrity of the transaction, so when the customer pays for a product on this website, they can be guaranteed that this will be the same amount to be charged.

The payment gateway which processes payments for this site is in possession of a Version 3 Level 1 PCI-DSS certificate, the highest achievable certificate in the industry. To achieve this, systems are regularly tested and staff is audited for complying with a strict security policy.

All these measures strive to achieve the integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality of the information that passes through, ensuring that our customers are able to transact online without any cause for concern at all!