Why buy from Diamond Treats?

1. Quality - Our No.1 Priority!

  • 3 Year Guarantee - Look out for the Guarantee on the product page!
  • Diamond Certificate
  • Free Insurance Valuation Certificate
  • UK Hallmark - in accordance to UK regulations

We Take Pride in Our Jewellery - With our 35 year history we have developed a reputation in the market as a jeweller that does not compromise on quality.  We want to our customers to wear jewellery which they can be proud of.

  • Our Product finishing, weight, diamond grade and gemstone quality are of exceptional quality!
  • Our Diamonds are eye clean so for a very competitive price you get diamonds which look almost the same as Flawless Diamonds to the naked eye!  
  • Our Diamonds are cut exceptionally well so that they reflect light and contain the 'Fire' which makes a diamond shine just as you would expect.  Without this 'fire' a diamond will be dull and lifeless.
  • Our Diamonds are a bright white G/H colour grade.  There are no tints or shades of yellow.
  • Our Emeralds are a Deep Green shade with very good transparancy
  • Our Sapphires are NOT black!  They are a deep blue colour with very good transaparancy and minimum inclusions.
  • Our Rubies are a Deep Red colour with very good transparancy and minimum inclusions.  
  • Our Semi Precious Gemstones (Garnets, Citrines, Blue Topaz and Amethyst) are of the highest quality with almost no inclusions and near perfect colour and shine!  
  • Our products are not thin and hollow so designs contain the right weight to give the product excellent proportions and a feel of quality and value.  
  • Our product is exceptionally polished and finished with careful attension give by our craftsmen to ensure that every part shines to the highest of standards!

2. Best Value

  • We Source Direct - We work directly with factories and source our diamonds from DTC site holders who cut and polish diamonds that come directly from the mines.  This enables us to cut out the wholesalers and buy directly from the source - enabling us to pass on the benefit of our low cost prices to our customers.  For the quality of product we sell, we are one of the most competitive on the market! 
  • We keep our Margins Low - We have a significantly high number of repeat customers.  As our customers are loyal to us we feel its only fair to ensure that we give our customers the best value on everything they buy from us.
  • All prices are between 35% - 50% below Typical High Street retail prices.

3. 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • No Quibble 30 day returns
  • 1-2 working day delivery on all stock items 
  • 100% secure online shopping