Anniversary Jewellery

1st Anniversary - GOLD

The very first milestone in your married life – is rewarded with a very special gift. In gold. This gift marks the very first step in your life as a married couple and only the best will do! Make your special gift a very memorable one, with us at Diamond Treats, of course!

2nd Anniversary- GARNET

The second ‘milestone’ of your married life is just as important as the first and is symbolised by a Garnet.  At Diamond Treats, we recommend for your ‘significant other’, a pair of garnet earrings or other types of garnet jewellery encrusted with diamonds.

3rd Anniversary- PEARL

Pearls are a modern-day gift option for your 3rd anniversary. Pearls are representative of hidden beauty because they are found inside the shell of an oyster, making them one of the most mysterious, yet stunning & luxurious of gemstones. A pair of pearl earrings or a pearl pendant necklace would make an ideal gift for your partner.  Pearl gifts are equivalent to the idea that true beauty is found on the inside. Pearls are making a huge comeback, thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, a modern day fashionista.

4th Anniversary- BLUE TOPAZ

Here at Diamond Treats, we pride ourselves on the quality of our coloured gemstones. For your special 4th anniversary gift, it is traditionally celebrated with a gift of blue topaz.  During the middle ages, a topaz was thought to strengthen the mind and prevent mental disorder.  It is believed that a topaz acts as a 'Cooling' Gem therefore worn to 'cool' those with hot tempers!  Topaz Jewellery makes an ideal gift for your partner especially on your 4th wedding anniversary.   A Diamond Treats recommendation would be a pair of blue topaz earrings or a blue topaz pendant necklace

5th Anniversary- SAPPHIRE

The modern gift on the 5th wedding anniversary is a sapphire. Sapphire belongs to the family of 'precious' stones together with diamonds, emeralds and rubies.  Blue Sapphires are a beautiful royal blue stone and is associated with regality and also with joy & prosperity.  It is said that sapphires can bring the fulfilment of dreams; anything is possible and nothing is impossible. A pair of sapphire earrings or a sapphire pendant would make a dream gift for your partner.

6th Anniversary - AMETHYST

As you’re now past the fifth year, it is only right to treat your partner to that extra special gift in your 6th; and something completely different to what she may have had in the past. This year is the year of the amethyst – the deep, plum purple colour gemstone that is famed for protecting us from evil spirits. At Diamond Treats, we have an array of an assortment of amethyst jewellery to suit your special occasion together.

7th Anniversary - ONYX

The lucky number is upon you. And what better way to celebrate, with some onyx, or to take the technical moniker, ‘agate’. Onyx derives from the Greek word for ‘claw’ or ‘fingernail’ – which points the lucky recipient towards an onyx themed ring for that very special gift. 

8th Anniversary - TOURMALINE

The eighth year presents to you, tourmaline. Once again, it’s time for that extra something special. This time in the form of a beautiful tourmaline. 

10th Anniversary - DIAMOND

Diamonds are the modern wedding anniversary gift for this pivotal milestone.  A diamond is the most attractive of gemstones and usually considered the most beautiful and precious stone on Earth!  A marriage that lasts 10 years is thought to be as resilient and as beautiful as a diamond which makes it the ‘perfect’ anniversary gift.  And do they say ‘diamonds are forever!’

We have a large range of beautiful and luxurious diamond jewellery for all occasions including diamond tennis bracelets, diamond bangles, diamond pendant necklaces and diamond earrings.  The collections are broken down into various categories of jewellery with diamond hoop earrings and diamond studs being 2 of our best selling collections. Diamond jewellery will always be an important purchase and an investment for the future. We have put together a diamond Guide to help you select the right choices in your mission to find the perfect diamond jewellery piece to celebrate your decade together.  Diamond jewellery is often given from a husband to wife as an extra special gift to celebrate the 10 years already spent happily married and a reminder of the many more years to come.  Diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love.

11th Anniversary - TURQUOISE

You have passed the first major milestone in your life journey together and now are onto your 11th Anniversary!  What better way to celebrate, but with something special, and of course, something different.  The 11th year marks the year with turquoise – one of the world’s most ancient gems.

12th Anniversary - JADE

The twelfth year marks the year of the ‘jade’ gemstone. To the Chinese, it is simply known as the ‘Stone of Heaven’. This would make a formidable gift and one your partner would appreciate, due to its rich, pristine colours.

13th Anniversary - CITRINE

Citrines, known as quartz, are an ideal 13th anniversary gift.  An under-rated gem till recently, it is slowly but surely making a comeback and winning over peoples' hearts and minds with its vibrant yellow colour – recently adorned by celebs at the Golden Globes Awards earlier in January 2016.  According to myth, Egyptians used citrines as talismans, and the Greeks carved rock crystal ornaments from citrines to give their home that warm feeling.  Natural citrines, today, are very rare and today’s citrines are exposed to heat, giving them that extra yellowish colour and texture.  After 13 years of marriage, the couple are reminded of their warm feelings towards each other, through a gift of citrines.  Perhaps a pair of Citrine Earrings or a beautiful Citrine Pendant Necklace?  Explore our collection of Citrine Jewellery and choose whats right for your 13th Anniversary.

14th Anniversary - OPAL

The modern gift for the 14th wedding anniversary is opal. Opal is symbolic, associated heavily with hope, purity & truth.

We have a wide selection of opal gemstone jewellery that would make a perfect gift for a 14th wedding anniversary. We also have a selection of feminine yet fashionable rose gold jewellery for a more contemporary & modern / chic look.

15th Anniversary - RUBY

A precious gift for the 15th anniversary – and a key milestone – is richly associated with ruby. Rubies are linked to passion and as rubies are a crimson, fiery rich red colour, this gift would make a very appropriate gift indeed. Here at Diamond Treats, we have an assortment of varied ruby jewellery to select from; for your very special & momentous occasion.

16th Anniversary - PERIDOT

This year marks the year of the peridot, known famously as ‘the gem of the sun’, a quote notoriously known by ancient Egyptians; but also known for warding off evil spirits. A gift of peridot for your special ‘other half’, would be unique different to what she may have expected and if peridots – expect the unexpected.

17th Anniversary - CARNELIAN

The 17th anniversary, presents to you; the carnelian – made famous by Roman soldiers during the days of Caesar. Its orange-to reddish-brown features & appearance makes this gemstone, a very luxurious and must-have pieces in modern times.

18th Anniversary - CATS EYE

There are two types of Cat’s Eye stone that are available – Alexandrite & Chrysoberyl. On the 18th year, it is all about the chrysoberyl; which has a more translucent yellow colour, and is very easy on the eye. This is a gift your partner would really appreciate.

19th Anniversary - AQUAMARINE

This wonderful cool blue beryl gemstone would a gift your partner would cherish. Here at Diamond Treats, we will endeavour to provide you with a selection of our varied aquarmarine gemstone range to capture the feeling of your special occasion.

20th Anniversary - EMERALD

Come the 20th wedding anniversary, comes emerald. Emerald is precious, calming, lush and doesn't disappoint.  A gift of emerald is representative of these qualities in your 20-year marriage.

At Diamond Treats, we have a varied selection of Emerald Jewellery to select from, as well as those encrusted with diamonds.

21st Anniversary - IOLITE

The 21st year is associated with iolite – made famous by the Vikings era, during Nordic times, as they used iolite for navigational purposes. You can steer your alreay happy alliance with a iolite stone gift – which is a very rich and deep purple colour.

22nd Anniversary - SPINEL

According to myth, the spinel is the world’s most unappreciated gem, which is a baby pink and rich red colour combination. Worth noting in the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History, the gem, called the Noor Jahan, has enscribed on the side, ‘light of the universe’. You can make your partner the light of you universe with this truly beautiful gift.

23rd Anniversary - TOPAZ

This year is associated with ‘fire’ – and it is appropriate that this year falls on a topaz, linked to long life, beauty and intelligence; qualities in abundance which your partner has in equal share. Treat your partner you truly love, with a topaz gemstone, from our array of varied Blue Topaz Jewellery pieces.

24th anniversary - TANZANITE

The theme of this year, is tanzanite; which is relatively new to coloured stone galaxy and contains a lush purple / mauve complexity. As it’s a year before a major milestone, treat your partner to a truly special rare gemstone of a gift.

25th Anniversary - SILVER

The 25th wedding anniversary is known as ‘silver’; both the traditional and modern-day gifts given are silver. This milestone anniversary celebrates a quarter of a century together as a happily married couple.  For the 25th wedding anniversary, people often have a party to celebrate the occasion with pomp, meaning that gifts are often given from family and friends as well as from the husband and wife themselves. Silver is given to represent the solidity & reliability of marriage.  For this special ocassion, why not have a look at our sterling silver Deakin and Francis Cufflinks - A sensational range of Designer Cufflinks.

30th Anniversary - PEARL

Pearl is a traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift. The beauty of a shimmering pearl is hidden inside an oyster once revealed as the oyster is opened. A gift of pearls – such as a pair of Pearl Earrings or a Pearl Pendant Necklace - are representative of hidden beauty as pearls are one of the most beautiful and purest of gems.

35th Anniversary - EMERALD

Come the 20th wedding anniversary, comes emerald. Emerald is precious, calming, lush and doesn't disappoint.  A gift of emerald is representative of these qualities in your 20-year marriage.  At Diamond Treats, we have a varied selection of Emerald Jewellery to select from, as well as those encrusted with diamonds.

40th Anniversary - RUBY

The 40th wedding anniversary is known as a ruby wedding anniversary; as both traditional and modern gifts given on this very special occasion are ruby. A Ruby Pendant or a pair of Ruby Earrings would make a cherished gift for your partner.

Ruby is one of the most desired gemstones. It is a fiery crimson coloured stone which is revered to symbolise passion. A ruby is bestowed after 40 years of marriage as a token symbol to the couple of the passion in the early days of their relationship. The 40th wedding anniversary is an opportunity to rekindle their already profound love.

 45th Anniversary - SAPPHIRE

The modern gift on the 45th wedding anniversary is sapphire. Sapphire belongs to the ‘family’ of precious stones including diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

Sapphire is a beautiful royal blue stone and is associated with regality and also with joy & prosperity. It is said that sapphire can bring the fulfilment of dreams; anything is possible and nothing is impossible. A pair of Sapphire Earrings or a Sapphire Pendant would make a dream gift for your partner.

50th Anniversary - GOLD

Both the traditional and ‘modern day’ gifts given for the very auspicious occasion; is gold. The 50th wedding anniversary is known as the golden wedding anniversary.  By the time you have reached your 50th wedding anniversary you will have spent half a lifetime together, something which should be truly celebrated and a true one-off occasion.

55th Anniversary - ALEXANDRITE

Both modern and traditional gifts given on the 55th wedding anniversary is an alexandrite. Like a marriage that lasts 55 years, an alexandrite gemstone is a very rare find indeed.  The gem was named after Alexander II, heir to the throne. It caught the country’s attention because its red and green colours replicated the Imperial Russian flag.

60th Anniversary - DIAMOND

Known as the diamond wedding anniversary, both the traditional and modern gifts for the 60th wedding anniversary are diamonds.  A diamond is sometimes formed in the earth for hundreds of thousands of years, or in some cases, more time. A diamond gift for the 60th wedding anniversary is as timeless as the extraordinary journey of a diamond to the journey of the couple.

Diamond gifts are steeped in symbolism with the word also coming from the Greek word ‘adamas’, which translates to ‘enduring’. Similarly, a marriage that has lasted for 60 years is seen to be as valuable and as enduring as a diamond. As this is a true landmark, nothing but the absolute best will suffice for your partner; and there are plenty to select: a Diamond Tennis Bracelet, a pair of lush Diamond Earrings or Diamond Solitaire Earrings, if you want something completely different, a Diamond Heart Pendant or a pair of Diamond Heart Earrings – the choice is completely yours!