1.Ruby can be a Jewellery gift that will last a lifetime

Ruby is a famous gemstone that is one of the most expensive and coveted due to its properties! It has excellent hardness, ranking 8.5/10 in Mohs hardness scale! This means a few things. First of all, that it is resistant to scuffs and scratches and secondly that it can be worn daily without the fear of damage being in our every thought and action. Ok, wearing a ruby ring while helping build a house with your own hands is not a great idea, but everyday tasks at home are unlikely to harm this precious gem! It is one of the types of gems that will last you a lifetime and are super enjoyable to wear.

2.Some highly coveted Rubies feature special properties

The colour and the consistency of this stone are a sight to behold. But this is not all! There are some really unique types of rubies apart from the usual ones. Firstly let's see the star ruby and the cat's eye ruby. On their usually Cabochon cut surface appears a shiny star or a line respectively, resembling the eye of a feline! This happens  due to inclusions in the ruby. These inclusions are parallel  needle-like inclusions which interfere with the light as it passes through the crystal, This creates the feeling of reflection in the shape of a star or a line (in the case of the cat's eye ruby) back to the eyes of the viewer.

Cat's Eye Ruby Cat's Eye Ruby: The visible white reflective line resembling a feline's glowing eye. (courtesy pinterest)
Star Ruby Star Ruby: The visible white reflective star makes the stone seem magical. (courtesy GemRockAuctions)


Another magical type of Ruby called the Pigeon Blood Ruby feature deep red colour with rich purplish blue undertones. These rubies where also called Burmese, in order to signify the country of origin Burma which is now called Myanmar!

pigeon blood ruby Low Grade Pigeon Blood Ruby: Due to inclusions the ruby takes a purplish hue. (courtesy amazon)

3.Its symbolism stays relevant to this day

Ruby is a gem that symbolises virtues as power, vigilance, influence, and zest for life, but when given as a gift in a relationship it also symbolises everlasting affection and flamming never-ending passion. Ruby was also known as the gemstone of courage. Legend has it that people who wear rubies will live a life without fear of bad luck and evil. Regarding health the royal red gemstone is also said to cure health ailments such as circulatory problems, and issues that relate with the health of the heart. Even its symbolism shows how highly this stone is regarded up to this very day.

4.Its deep-red colour has inspired emperors, artists and collectors worldwide

-Rubies in Monarchy

Emperors chose rubies according to their colour, size and relative transparency. Kings and Queens wanted only the best stones as their crown and sceptre jewels, and these were stones that featured the deepest, most luscious reds, but also stones with minimal inclusions in them. And let's not forget they had to be HUGE!

imperial crown of russia diamonds pearls and ruby The Imperial Crown of Russia: Worn by the Russian emperors from the 17th century till the abolition of monarchy in 1917


-Rubies in Art

In painting, colour names have been inspired by this brilliant red stone! Specifically the Ruby Lake Red oil colour is one of the most recent  names to be featured in the oil colour catalogues. Rubies also served as an inspiration for abstract artists. In general the name ruby has been tightly linked to the colour red throughout the history of art.

Red oil colour paint tube Ruby Lake Red oil colour:
The Ruby's red colour has been an important source of inspiration for art throughout the ages.

-Rubies in Jewellery Collections

Collectors go literally nuts when it comes to unique jewellery. Imagine that some collectors go as crazy as to spend millions of pounds on a single jewel.  The gem below is the stone that broke the previous highest ruby price of 8 Million Dollars.... by 22 more million... This is no other than the famous Sunrise Ruby. A pigeon Blood, top quality ruby weighing 25.59 carats making it one of the few naturally found rubies with these extraordinary properties!

According to wikipedia: "The ruby sold for a record US$30.42 million on 12 May 2015 at a Sotheby's auction in Geneva, Switzerland to an anonymous buyer."   .....mental!

5.Ruby jewellery is extremely flattering to wear and creates interesting colour combinations

Due to its deep red and purple tones it complements the facial colours greatly. The red spark gives the appropriate dab of flamboyance to every face! The ruby universally complements all skin tones equally well. Subsequently this means that the reds of the gemstone fit well with both darker and lighter skin tones.

6.Buying the right stone may be pricey but it is an investment for the future

Rubies are like diamonds. Very hard and durable materials, that do not lose their worth and can be enjoyed daily. It is never a bad choice to go for a ruby necklace or a pair of ruby earrings. They just retain their value no matter what. Also they can be given as heirloom to the next generations of the family. There is literally no downside to buying quality ruby jewellery.

7. An informed fashion choice in a Diamond/Sapphire dominated world

Life is all about being true to ourselves and showing our individuality. Sapphires are beautiful and Diamonds are also, but it is good to escape the norm once in a while and go for the more unique option to show our full personality. Ruby is a flamboyant, extremely beautiful stone that captivates the attention of everyone nearby those wearing it.

8. Ruby is a very vivid stone that tends to capture the attention of those around

The Ruby is by default a stone that captivates the eyes of those around it. Its velvety deep red makes a stark contrast to the tones of the skin, complementing them seamlessly as we already mentioned. It is one of the stones that will make all eyes fall on you, but not because of the rubies themselves but because of what they signify. Royal heritage, elegance and passion that makes your face glow turning you to the centre of attention! Almost no other stone has these abilities.

9. Many Celebrities have hailed it as the King of all stones.

Many Celebrities are fond of this special gem. Contemporary singers and television stars, actors of this generation as well as from previous ones.  Some notable celebrities that love to wear a ruby jewellery are:


Mariah Carrey wearing a ruby necklace Mariah Carrey -wearing a ruby necklace- (courtesy pinterest)
Jessica Chastain wearing an elegant diamond and ruby pendant necklace Jessica Chastain -wearing an elegant diamond and ruby pendant necklace- (courtesy pinterest)
Dita von Teese -wearing an Empress Cleopatra-esque multi-ruby necklace.- (courtesy pinterest)

10. A woman's jewellery box is never complete without a set of ruby jewellery.

At the end of the day, no jewellery collection is complete without at least one set of stunning ruby jewellery. No matter how many years pass. The ruby will always be the king of gems and the gem for kings.