3 Tips for Buying Emerald Jewellery: What Are My Options?

In the United Kingdom, the popularity of emerald jewellery and other coloured stones continues to increase by 10% each year based on the number of internet searches. If you want to join the trend, you need to know how to choose the right emerald. While emerald earrings, emerald pendants, and other types of natural emerald jewellery are beautiful, how do you go about choosing? Continue reading to learn how to find the right emerald jewellery set.

1. The Importance of Colour

One of the defining characteristics of any emerald jewellery set is the beautiful green colour. The depth of the colour is one of the factors that go into setting the price for these unique pieces. Your options range from a more common light green to a striking deep green. Emeralds come in a wide range of green nuances ranging from the yellow-green to blue-green. The popularity of the colour depends on personal preferences, in the US, people prefer the yellow-green tints whereas in the far east the blue-green is sought after much more sought. The depth of the colour is the key determinant of its value. An emerald necklace that's dark green or a deep blue-green is considered higher quality than an emerald that's pale in colour.

2. Cut Matters

If you have a particular colour in mind for your emerald green jewellery, the cut is especially important. The classic emerald cut is one of the most popular options for this gem, hence its name. The goal of a gem cutter is to maximise the weight of each gemstone, and emeralds are naturally crystallised in long hexagonal prisms. That is the reason why most emeralds are cut in an emerald cut, to minimise loss when faceting rough stones into facetted stones. Whether you're shopping online for contemporary emerald jewellery or vintage emerald jewellery, keep in mind that the colour is likely to be far better in person. The colour green doesn't photograph well, so the colour will be richer in person.

3. Understand Emerald Clarity

Clarity is one of the 4Cs of gemstones and is a unique characteristic when discussing natural emerald jewellery. As opposed to other gemstones, almost all emeralds have some level of inclusions. Emeralds will naturally have inclusions in them, whether crystals, liquid inclusions, needles, or fractures, this is referred to as its ‘Jardin’ or garden in French. Inclusion in an emerald is considered as a mark of its authenticity, often gemmologists will examine the inclusions to certify that an emerald is natural. [caption id="attachment_1770" align="alignnone" width="2000"]

Choosing the Best Emerald Jewellery

If you're buying a gift for your partner or yourself, you want to be sure to find the right emerald jewellery. We recommend taking some time to decide what the recipient may enjoy before making a selection. However, our best pieces are emerald earrings, an emerald necklace, or emerald rings.

Emerald Earrings

After deciding which shape and metal colour you want for your emerald earrings, consider the setting and carat. If you're on a tighter budget, consider a 0.10ct in either white gold or yellow gold. However, if budget isn't a concern and you want the best cut possible, consider a larger stone in either classic emerald cut an oval shape with a diamond halo. Either option is perfect for an elegant gift.

Emerald Pendants

Emerald pendants are versatile and luxurious, especially if you pick the right one. The best emerald jewellery set can elevate your outfit during an evening out. We recommend selecting an emerald necklace with a diamond accent. This helps the piece catch the light even more making it shine! Whether you're looking for an emerald ring, emerald earrings, or emerald pendants, the right emerald jewellery set makes for the perfect gift. Decide on your desired colour and cut before making a final decision on things such as settings and accents. Once you have an idea of what you want in your emerald necklace (or other gifts), browse our selection of natural emerald jewellery.