Why are Graduation Gifts an Important Tradition

Graduation is a very important moment in our children's' life. The happiness, the joy, the pride a parent feels when their son or daughter graduates is immense. And it is immense for a reason. That reason is the fact that their children are progressing in life and they are happy and proud of their offsprings. But pride and happiness aren't only emotions that are felt by parents. They are also felt by sons and daughters and are also enhanced by a very special tradition.

This tradition is giving graduation gifts. Graduation gifts are essentially a sign that we understood that our children are succeeding in life and we give them back a little extra something in return in order to encourage them to chase their dreams and goals! A heartfelt tradition of love through gift-giving.

In this blog post, we will discuss 5 potential graduation gifts some traditional some a bit more unusual and about their impact in their graduation and future life.


Flowers are always a welcoming sight. An all-round very expressive and beautiful gift that is eternal yet frail and signifies important beginnings in one's life. Flowers are a great graduation gift for daughters and sons alike. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a breath of freshness for most new graduates. Nothing says "you made it, I am proud of you" more sincerely than gracefully assorted flowers for your kid. Kids are our continuation in this life, we have to honour them as they honour us by succeeding in life!

bouquet of yellow and red roses A bouquet of fresh flowers is a traditional graduation gift

Teddy Bear Plushes/Graduation Cards

Teddy Bears are another wildly popular graduation Gift. It is highly portable,  there are many designs available and can be found easily in almost every store you visit. Combine them with a Wishes or Congratulations card and you have the perfect combination of cuteness and well-wishing. Creativity is imagination at play. Get inventive with  your combinations of plushes and graduation cards and surprise your child with a thoughtful and playful gift that will remind them of their achievement for years to come!

Graduation Teddy Bear A Teddybear together with Congratulations Card makes for a heartwarming Graduation Gift

Jewellery / Fashion Accessories

Fine Jewellery and Fashion Accessories like Cufflinks are some of the best graduation gift options. With a superb price range that can satisfy literally every wallet Jewellery and Accessories are the safest choices. High-Quality Sterling Silver Jewellery start from around 30£ and gold and diamond jewellery can reach the likes of thousands! It depends entirely on personal preference!

At Diamond Treats our great Variety together with our unique designs gives a great many options for buying the perfect graduation jewellery for your daughter or the best cufflinks for your son! There is no excuse! Great achievements demand great jewellery!

Diamond Treats offers a great variety of Jewellery. From Sterling Silver to Gold and Diamonds.


Laptops and Gadgets

Parents sometimes prefer a more practical approach to gift-giving. Laptops and gadgets are usually presented as gifts after the graduation ceremony because they are more practical than they are emotional. A new phone or a new laptop although not as sentimental gifts as flowers still symbolise the creation of a young professional and can remind your children of their achievements, though not for long. Technology is notorious for getting outdated really fast so such presents are bound to last for about 5 to 7 years at best. Not exactly timeless, but if put to good use, they can help our children become valuable members of society!


New Car

This is the last but most extravagant of the list! A car is a traditional graduation gift in the US and gained traction throughout the world in recent years. Nothing says: "You are an adult now more profoundly than passing the car keys of a brand new car to your child. This interesting gift is also a useful one as the new graduate will not have a hard time moving around in the city and going to his/her future job. Certainly a very practical, sentimental and unforgetful gift.


The Meaning behind the Tradition

Graduation gifts tend to be tricky, but in this handy guide, we approached 5 distinctly different gift ideas that are sure to amaze and/or emotionally touch our children. There are literally no words for some situations. Our children's graduation is one of those situations. That is when we as parents need to talk with our actions. Giving a graduation gift is the only appropriate answer to these first steps of our young ones towards adulthood.