Disclaimer: A necessary introduction before proceeding to this Guide or to buying diamond jewellery!!
In order to fully benefit from this guide you need to read our Diamond Guide or if you want a more condensed version you can check our infographic below:


Essential Diamond Facts Infographic

Essential Diamond Facts Infographic

Knowledge is power.

When you are buying diamond jewellery, the difficulty of your journey will be initially defined by two main parameters! Budget restraints and time restraints! You have to plan according to your current situation and restraints or else your journey will end prematurely in stress and disappointment! If you are totally serious about your jewellery it would be clever to devote at least one or two weekends to online research. Also, you could save up a bit in the meantime to expand your options. Research always gives you the answers you need. Price comparing, material comparing, calls and emails with inquiries to jewellery stores and offices, and even local scouting! These are some of the best options to utilize your free time for preparation. This is one of the reasons why we insisted that you read our Diamond Guide or Infographic at the beginning! In order to know what you should be expecting and be thoroughly prepared!

Strategy is key.

First, you have to come up with a course of action, create a plan and stick to it. It is advised to always do your due diligence before leaving the house! Money and time are two variables that are not always under our control! What we can control though is information. And information is power for the consumer! Why buy a Diamond Tennis Bracelet for 2000 when you can get a similar design with the same materials for 1000? Did you know that many name brands incorporate their marketing expenses in their jewellery? Materials are materials no matter what the name on the bracelet is. The value of the materials remains the same if they have the same properties, treatment and origin. Remember! Overpaying should not be an option. The ideal jewellery is jewellery that will put a smile on your face, not burn a hole through your pocket!

Where are the best places to look?

This will largely depend on what jewellery you personally like. Do you like bold statement jewellery, classic elegant diamond jewellery or youthful and contemporary diamond jewellery? Once you answer this question it is time to plan your course of action. Write down all the stores that you would like to visit online or offline. At this stage, once you pinpoint them you can start visiting their websites and compare prices, materials and designs. This comparative process will not only save you money but also your valuable time because you will be narrowing down your options considerably before going to scout the areas of interest! Put the stores and the jewellery pieces down on a piece of paper and get ready for some action.

The hunt begins!

The fun part is here! It is time to call stores to check the availability of your preferred jewellery and then visit them! It would be wise to have a smart device in hand or a notebook and write down possible discounts that each store may offer and original prices for the items of interest! Once you have narrowed it down to the best jewellery choices (about 3-4 would be ideal) compare which ones are the more appealing to you, but also keep in mind the material value to price ratio! The rough value of the materials is defined by the origin, purity (inclusions in gemstones and gold purity f.e.) and treatment of the materials. The price is the set price you have to pay for the jewellery! The closer the rough value is to the set price the wiser it is to get that piece.

There is no need to break the bank if you are organised and dedicated! Now that the hunt is over it is time to reap the fruits of your hard labour! Wear those rocks like there is no tomorrow!