Since the 4th century, diamonds have long been regarded as the most prestigious gemstone available to man.  But why the continuous demand and what makes diamonds highly desirable?

Created from highly pressurised mineral carbon combined with reactionary processes, Diamonds are not only symbolised as the strongest gemstone but scientifically are ‘the’ hardest substance discovered on earth.

Valued by their beauty and increasing value, diamonds have held a considerable stance in symbolic statute.  Acknowledged as symbols of power, royalty and status, their highly desired properties have certainly made these precious gemstones an integral part of history.

In the 13th century King Louis IX of France, passed a law reserving diamonds for the king.  Over the next 100 years royalty was adorned with diamonds, soon adopted by European counterparts by the 17th century.

Diamonds desirability stems not just from the cut, carat, cost and clarity (the four C’s) but by the statement it associates with its wearer.  This unique and incredibly elegant gemstone not only protrudes status through its definable finish but gives owners a course of power visible to their audience.  Diamonds are the Birthstone for those born in April.

Diamonds really are the art of sophistication.