Eternity Vs Half Eternity Rings: Which is the right one for me?

Eternity rings are the answer for those who are tired of the same old wedding band design and want some extra sparkle! Since the traditional wedding rings are considered by some to be plain or too simple for their tastes, half eternity rings and full eternity rings have been proven to be a great and fashionable alternative. Eternity diamond rings are made with that extra touch of luxury in mind, but the main question is always the same. should I get a full diamond eternity ring or half diamond eternity ring? In this article, we are going to examine the two different options and we will base the choices on facts about each of the ring-type! That way it will be easy to understand what to buy and the reason why you should pick each of the two options available!

Full eternity: The Pros and Cons

-More Sparkle -Diamonds show no matter how the ring is placed -Impressive -Greatly complements the Diamond Engagement Ring   The pros are almost self-explanatory! More diamonds equals fuller look and a fuller look subsequently equals more sparkle, since there are more diamonds involved! The diamonds show no matter how the ring is placed making for an ideal diamond-filled ring no matter how you present your hand. This impressive wedding band deals a severe blow to tradition with a unique style that reminds of wealth and luxury.
-Cannot be resized -Way more fragile than a standard wedding band -Needs extra care -More expensive than a half eternity counterpart   One thing that troubles most people is that full eternity rings are not resizable, meaning that a few extra pounds could ruin the functionality of your ring. This can also prevent the ring from being passed on to the next generations as an heirloom as there is no one-size-fits-all option.  Another issue that one needs to take note of when buying a full eternity ring is the amount of maintenance this ring needs. This is not a ring you can easily do house chores or housework with. One mistake could cost you a few of the diamonds on the ring. You could lose them in the sink while washing dishes or damage it while out and about.
While Full Diamond Eternity rings are the most stylish wedding bands they need constant care and caution. They also tend to be more expensive than their half eternity counterparts and cannot be resized! Essentially extra sparkle and style need some sacrifices! woman puts ring on mans finger wedding  

Half eternity: The Pros and Cons

-More versatile -Widely preferred -Can be resized -Less expensive than full eternity -Greatly complements the Diamond Engagement Ring   This is one of the situations where the Pros are super important. The price and extra functionality of the half eternity are top-notch. Fully resizable and more durable while being less expensive than full eternity are factors to be seriously considered!  
-Not as many diamonds as on full eternity -Still Fragile This is by no means a sturdy ring. It is just a bit more durable than its full diamond counterpart. This ring also lacks some of the additional sparkle and glamour of the full eternity ring but not to a degree that is super important.
Half Eternity Diamond Rings are more widely preferred than their full diamond alternatives because they have some specific perks that full eternity rings lack. One of them is the fact that half eternity rings are resizable and they do not feature diamonds on the part that is on the palm of the hand. This makes for a sturdier ring that can complement a Diamond Engagement Ring perfectly, without losing much sparkle! Half eternity rings still need to be looked after but are a somewhat more reliable alternative to the full diamond eternity as they offer extra versatility!  

Honorable Mentions/Alternative Ring Solutions:

-Centrepiece with side stones An unconventional yet stylish option that one could consider is a ring with a Centrepiece stone and complementary side stones. This fun and youthful combination packs a serious punch as it is one of the most unconventional wedding ring designs to date! A great look that reminds solitare rings with a brilliant twist! -Complementary Side Stone Rings Side stone rings are the latest trend and are thin, minimal looking rings with some gems and diamonds that can beautifully complement your main diamond eternity or diamond engagement ring!

The Verdict:

You should always pick with your instinct and according to your aesthetic values, but one should also be aware of the facts! More fragile, full eternity rings can also be more shiny and glamorous and more of a high-risk high reward option, while half eternity is a solid all-rounder! The final call is still up to your own preferences! Happy purchases!