The meaning behind a pair of diamond stud earrings

We have all given one, from diamond stud earrings to a beautiful pair of ruby earrings, bought one and even thought of one but why is giving gifts important and why do we feel compelled to do so? Giving gifts provide a sense of value; a sentimental purpose and even a symbolic token of appreciation and good deed. It represents your endearment to the recipient, your love for someone close to you and your affection for the things that they do or have done for you.

Meaningful gifts

Giving gifts do not have to be large; or even have monetary value.  A poem, song, a charitable deed or even a good word can be the most cherished gift that person has ever received.  A picture, a homemade present or help around the house can be just as important as a new handbag, perfume or car.  It is the message behind the gift that makes the true value of the gift.

Five reasons for giving gifts

We give gifts for a variety of reasons, from holidays to celebratory occasions, as tokens of appreciation to saying thanks or even goodbye.  Here are the top five reasons why people love to give gifts:
  • Appreciation gifts
  • Birthday and holiday gifts
  • Anniversary and occasional gifts
  • New home or job
  • To say thanks or to apologize

Cherish loved ones with a heartfelt gift

Being creative with gifts can prove monumental in years to come.  That handcrafted book to a dog-eared photograph could be a much-cherished item taken across the world as the only possession.  Those diamond stud earrings or a sentimental set of ruby earrings can remind you of a special occasion or event.  From just one smell to a simple song, can evoke a memory relative to a specific day or event. Gifts should not just be given to mark an occasion, event or life change; it is about showing how you feel about another person and letting them know what they mean to you through a token that is symbolic and meaningful. Sparking memories from the moment they unwrap that most important gift!