Hoop Earrings:

Hoop earrings are normally a circular ring of metal that can be opened to pass through a pierced ear and fasten either mechanically.  Diamond Hoop Earrings would be the same style of earring except that it is set with diamonds.  Diamond hoop earrings have become increasingly popular over the years as they provide a unique style of earring.  The earrings hang freely and comfortably on the ear.  The variety of designs which have been developed also make hoop earrings a much worn item of jewellery that can be worn on any occasion.  Hoop earrings come in various sizes from the smallest which literally hugs the ear lobe to large hoops the size of bangles!  In the most simplest form, hoop earrings are a tube of metal, usually white gold or yellow gold which is formed into a circular shape going around almost 360 degrees.  There is then a wire attached to one side of the tube which slides into the open section of the other end of the tube.  The earring is fastened and held in place by the tension in the tube.

Diamond hoop earrings normally have diamonds set at the front section of the hoop.  As diamonds are quite expensive they are not set all the way around the hoop mainly as the diamonds would not be visible on the back section anyway.  Too many diamonds will drastically increase the price of the earrings.  The most classic designs of diamond hoops contain a simple line of diamonds set along the front half of the hoop earring.  The diamonds can be set in various setting styles to create different designs.  The most common settings are channel setting where diamonds are held in between 2 walls of metal which creates the 'channel'.  Diamonds can also be set individually using claws or spokes of metal that hold each diamond from 4-6 sides of each diamond.  Each diamond is set in a line with claws holding each and every diamond individually.  Then there is also pave setting, grain setting and many more.

White Gold Diamond Hoops:

0.20ct Elegance Diamond Hoops 9K White Gold

Yellow Gold Diamond Hoops:

0.25ct Claw Set Diamond Hoops 9K Yellow Gold