How it all started: A Brief History of the Diamond Bracelet

Ancient Civilizations and the Creation of the First Bracelet

The history of the bracelet is as old as the history of human civilization! And it all started with the will of expressing religious beliefs.

In Ancient Egypt priests and priestesses were initially creating bracelets from wood, bones and stones! Also Mummies' wrists were adorned with Gemstones and Gold scarab bangles and bracelets as an aid for rebirth and regeneration. Ancient Egyptians believed that the Scarab is a Diety that grants afterlife and the bracelet was the best way to harness its power!

On the contrary, in Ancient Greece, Bracelets were worn as a way for beautiful young ladies to adorn their wrists! Akin to the Egyptians though, the Greeks felt that each different gemstone had specific powers! And sometimes they  were setting them in bangles and bracelets to cure health ailments or avoid bad luck.

In Latin America, Azabache Bracelets are still worn to this day to ward off  Mal de ojo, or the evil eye. The evil eye is essentially the bad energy from envious people or people who admire you excessively!

ancient egyptian gold bracelet Ancient Egyptian Scarab Bracelets believed to grant the ability of rebirth.


The First Diamod Cutters:

The first ever diamond cutters and polishers were in Nuremberg, Germany, where they established the first diamond cutting business which led to the development of various types of diamond cuts that subsequently became the modern diamond cuts we know today! The evolution of  diamond cutting came with the "Point Cut" approximately at the end of the  14th century. The Point Cut follows the shape of the rough diamond crystal, to eliminate diamond weight loss during cutting.

jewellery holding diamond ring The Diamons have been cut and set


How were the first Diamond Bracelets Created?

Although the Diamond Bracelet started appealing to the wide audience around the 1920s, it was not yet known as the Diamond Tennis Bracelet. Instead, its name was the Diamond Line Bracelet.  The  Diamond Bracelet, had a huge appeal as a fashion and jewellery accessory because of its elegant and minimalistic design.  It is essentially a thin line (or band) of a noble metal (usually gold/platinum) set in with expertly cut diamonds in a symmetrical way. 

The birth of the term "Diamond Tennis Bracelet".

We are not sure how the term Diamond Tennis Bracelet actually came to be. This hot debate about the exact moment the term diamond tennis bracelet came to light has been widely discussed.  Although the typical belief is that it happened when World Tennis Star Chris Evert’s Diamond Bracelet  got lost somewhere in the court during a match in the 1987 US Open. Reportedly it was created by jewellery designer George Bedewi. Soon the game was stopped until the Diamond Bracelet was found.  In an interview after the match she named her jewellery piece "Tennis Bracelet". 

This pioneering combination of sportswear and diamond jewellery was a leap forward in luxe fashion and came to be known as the "sportsluxe look". The sportsluxe look did not stop there as more Tennis stars followed Chris Evert's footsteps and embraced sportsluxe fashion.

World Star Tennis Player Chris Evert, wearing her Diamond Tennis Bracelet World Star Tennis Player Chris Evert, wearing her Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Importance of The Diamond Bracelet

Why is it an important piece of jewellery history?

The Diamond  Bracelet is an Iconic Jewellery of the Sportsluxe trend that evolved during centuries of tradition, fashion influences and technological advancements!  Starting from ceremonial jewellery for religious reasons to its current luxurious place in the world, the diamond bracelet has come a long way. With constant changes and shifts in trends, it now stands firmly as one of the top contenders for the most fashionable jewellery items.
The place of the Diamond Bracelet in the world of jewellery undusputed! And it is up high together with the most iconic Jewellery like Diamond Engagement Rings and Pearl Earrings and Necklaces.

It is a synonym of luxurious elegance.

Which Iconic Personalities and Celebrities prefer The Diamond Tennis Bracelet?


Many iconic personalities, TV celebrities and singers prefer the Diamond Tennis Bracelet as their go-to jewellery!

Let's follow some examples on the staple diamond bracelet worn by celebrities below:

sandra bullock wearing diamond bracelet Sandra Bullock's diamond bracelet at the premiere of the film Gravity.


Kate Winslet pregnant wearing red dress and diamond tennis bracelet The 38-year-old Kate Winstlet who was at the time expecting her third child at the BFI Film Festival.


Sofia Vergara's diamond bracelet at the 2014 Emmy awards. Sofia Vergara's diamond bracelet at the 2014 Emmy awards.


Victoria beckham at the cannes festival with bracelet Victoria Beckham in the "Cafe Society" premiere  during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals in 2016.

As we can see from the celebrities, elegance comes in many shapes and sizes. Although their Diamond Bracelets look different, they are equally elegant!

The Occassion: How to wear!

The Diamond Tennis Bracelet is an essential  piece of jewellery for every jewellery box! It pairs really well with matching Diamond Earrings or Diamond Pendant Necklaces but can also go well with pearl jewellery or together with plain silver bangles! Also, Diamond Tennis Bracelets are very versatile pieces of jewellery and can be worn with many different clothing combinations! You can wear it in a sportsluxe way. Pairing it with tracksuits or shorts while playing tennis, wearing it as a luxury accessory with your formal attire, or  even informally in a smart casual look! The possibilities are literally endless!

Diamond Tennis Bracelet as a Present.

Nothing says I love you or I am greatful that you are in my life better than a Diamond Tennis Bracelet. The Tennis Bracelet is a symbol of love, trust and affection towards your loved ones. The Diamond Tennis Bracelet can be a powerful gesture of love but if you are still unsure about whether or not the this is the present that your other half will appreciate, you can always ask!

By asking you can eliminate the problem of your own doubt. Also you may make your loved one happy by showing your intention to get her/him a precious gift! No other gesture is as powerful as a jewellery gift to the person you love!
You could also give the Diamond Bracelet as an apology gift after a fight. Even as a birthday gift,  anniversary gift or wedding gift to the bride! The possibilities are indeed endless!

The Diamond Tennis Bracelet is clearly one of the top contenders for the title of best and all-round more satisfying jewellery.

0.50ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet Claw Set in 18K White Gold Diamond Treats - 0.50ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet Claw Set in 18K White Gold