The perfect timing for a diamond engagement ring

Hands start sweating, brows start perspiring, butterflies knot your stomach and suddenly your mouth is dry.  It can mean only one thing; you are about to propose!  With that diamond engagement ring in your pocket, we explore the best of the best.

From romantic dinners to extravagant flight proposals, an all-singing flash mob to a cinematic movie; your wedding proposal is one of the most monumental events of your life!  They are the memories, loved ones want you to share over and over again; a spark of joy created when a song comes on the radio reminding you of that special day and a smell that makes you stand and close your eyes just for one second.

Wedding proposals are both beautiful and life-defining.  They offer you the opportunity to make a memory that can be cherished and fondly looked on in years to come.  Here are our favourite top 5 wedding proposal ideas and real-life events from across the globe; embracing the love between couples and showing you just how creative you can be:

The best of the best wedding proposal ideas

Reminisce: Take your beloved back to the very first place you met them; sparking a memory of your first date, your first song or even your first meal! This sentimental proposal will have them crying with joy and heartfelt memories.

Lyrics: Bring friends and family into your proposal and have them sing to your spouse to be; uniting talent, entertainment and giving that perfect moment to pull out that diamond engagement ring, which will be remembered for years to come.

Gamify: Start off with a simple clue to someplace nearby and then set the hunt off with more extravagant clues. The final location is where you can propose!

Proposals in action

And if you need further inspiration, check out these heart-warming proposals in action:


The travelling proposal:

After dating for a year, this couple decided to travel the world spelling out the line ‘we always knew’ with one letter per country.  On the last letter, this woman’s boyfriend had a very special phrase that started with the letter ‘W’.  Grab the tissues and watch this beautiful proposal from beginning to end:

The train ride:

An otherwise normal train journey brought commuters singing to this wonderful couple and the unsuspecting bride to be.  Be prepared though, as you cannot help but get emotional at the end:

The theatrical production

A husband to be very much wanted to propose at a truly unforgettable event and with the help of the cast of his beloved’s favourite musical, Miss Saigon, watch how this next proposal bought even the audience to tears: