Infographic about Valentine's Day Wholesome Gifts

The Q.U.R.B. Method Infographic


Why you should care.


Valentine's Day is a Special Day! But not until YOU make it so! You have to do your magic to create those memories that will make the day truly stand out. And one of the ways to make it special is by giving a present to your significant other or the person you are keen on! This is a burning (and pressing) issue that we must discuss on this Blog Post in order to be prepared for this unique occasion! Rushed presents are oftentimes not well thought out and hence, dreadful. Don't be that last-minute person and get a gift after careful consideration!

Without further ado, here are some guidelines on how to buy wholesome presents for your "special someone" or your "special someone to be"!

Be mentally prepared!

The first step is to prepare yourself mentally. This means that unless you have the right mentality you will never buy the right gift. You can and you will do it! You will buy a gift that will create wonderful memories and/or start a new relationship. This is the only productive way to think about this task! Also, you have to be ready to commit a chunk of your time for this to work. Your Valentine will not only be surprised with the result but will also be happy about the effort you put in getting it! If you buy a gift with confidence that will speak to his/her heart and brain, that is! The next step for buying the gift your Valentine desires is to do your due diligence!

Know thy loved one!

Knowing the other person's hobbies, passions, interests and habits plays an integral role in buying the ideal gift. It is priority number one to find out the basics about the person you are going to buy the gift for! They will appreciate it more if you buy something that ties in with their interests. Nobody wants a can opener or a potato peeler for Valentine's day. Now, I am not advising nor suggesting anyone should stalk their Valentine in real life if they lack essential information about him/her. A little discretion is advised! The best and most harmless thing you can do is check the pages and groups your Valentine likes on Facebook to get a general idea. Do not get too personal with the gift unless you know the other person well enough! -I know you won't, but it is better to be safe than sorry, aye? -


Throw a "QURB ball" at your Valentine!

The 4 cornerstones of a successful  Valentine's gift

Now that the basics are out of the way we can talk about the hard part. What makes a gift wholesome and satisfying? (Even if it does not completely match our Valentine's hobbies and passions!)

Evidently, there are some intersubjective qualities that can make a gift good regardless of personal interests. I call this method of buying Valentine's gifts QURB because it is based on 4 distinctive factors that are intrinsic characteristics of a wholesome Valentine's gift. Quality, Usability, Romanticism, Beauty. In the following section, I will explain in detail these characteristics and will give some gift examples for you.


Quality is a pretty straightforward factor.  It should be self-explanatory that the better the quality of your Valentine's gifts the happier the recipient will be. Now, good quality does not necessarily mean expensive. You could still get a good quality gift that will not break the bank. The only thing needed is a bit of research. If you allocate some of your time daily for research starting a week or two before Valentine's Day, you will surely find that special present you are looking for. Valentine's Day is more than just giving a gift to the person you fancy. It is also about the emotions you feel when you give that beautiful gift to that person! The better the quality of your gift, the more satisfied you will feel with yourself and your choice!


Usability is a key factor for a good gift. Jewellery, fashion accessories, and clever gadgets are all great gifts if you are unsure what to get for your Valentine. They can be used daily and will satisfy a personal need. Still, you need to be sure as to what the person might need before committing to a present that is not merely decorative. Essentially what I mean by usability is a gift that will be used or worn more than once by that person. Some of the top contenders for most usable gifts are bracelets, necklaces and earrings, online subscriptions (Netflix for example) and digital goods, fashion accessories like sunglasses, handbags, and even eBook readers and board games! Think outside the box and leave a mark in your Valentine's memory with an unpredictably unique and useful gift!


Classic Romantic Valentine's presents include flowers, teddy bears, gemstone jewellery, pets(puppies and kittens are excellent heartwarming gifts), chocolate, sweets and tickets to activities with your Valentine. If you are not in a relationship with your Valentine yet though, your options are a bit limited. You could still opt for flowers, jewellery or bars of chocolate accompanied with a letter to express your feelings about your Valentine! Romantic Gifts are essential for Valentine's Day so if you plan to buy something that is not so romantic but still useful (like some of the options in the usability section) it would be best to pair them with a romantic gift like a love letter, a bar of chocolate, flowers or a jewellery gift!
A combination of a Practical and a Romantic Gift is a really good way to impress and also reduce the risk of failure when you buy presents.


Beauty is a very elusive concept. What appeals to you might not appeal to him/her and vice versa. There are some presents though, that will make everyone blush and feel unique no matter their preferences. Heart-shaped presents, Gemstones, Jewels and Flowers are ideal treats for a Valentine of every age and gender. Flowers remind people of the essence of beauty. Especially roses with their uniform, symmetrical look, beautifully curved petals and uniquely soft smell, make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift. The person you give the flowers to is as beautiful as the flowers themselves. Jewels and Gemstones are pretty, valuable and sparkling, like your Valentine. The person that receives them will feel that way as well. Beauty is the vessel of happiness after all.


A Recap:

As we said, the more closely you follow these steps the happier your significant other will be. To recap, the steps to buy the optimal gift are:

1) Know your Valentine.

2) Have faith in yourself and your abilities.

3) Follow QURB for a truly special Gift.

After you follow all these steps note down all your gift options on a piece of paper and compare them. Surely one or two of them will be superior compared to the rest. You can combine 2 presents of distinctive features if you are unsure about what your Valentine likes. You will also need to consider your budget and time restraints! Do not stress yourself more than you should! The journey for the ideal Valentine's Gift should be an exciting one, not an exhausting one!

Getting a gift for Valentine's Day is a wonderful experience that brings a lot of joy and warmth to many people's hearts every year. It is a day made special by special people who care for their loved ones.

Diamond Treats wishes you a happy Valentine's Day by providing you with the everlasting gifts of Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery. Stay in love! It is what keeps us awake at night and alive in the day after all.