2.50ct Amethyst With 0.05ct Diamond Pendant In 9K White Gold

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This radiant purple amethyst and diamond pendant features a pear shaped amethyst which is expertly complimented by the diamond setting. The amethyst is 8mm x 12mm and weighs 2.50ct; the diamonds weigh 0.05ct. This necklace is made in 9K white gold and comes complete with a beautiful mirror trace chain.

Birthstone February Birthstone
Diamond Weight 0.05ct
Diamond Quality Colour G/H, Clarity SI

Diamond Guide

At Diamond Treats:

  • All diamond jewellery comes with a Diamond Certificate
  • The diamond 'Colour' and 'Clarity' that we set in each item is shown clearly on the product page
  • All diamonds are of a bright white 'Colour'.
  • All diamonds are eye clean so that there are almost no inclusions visble to the naked eye
  • All diamonds are of the finest 'Cut' to ensure that you get the most sparkling diamonds in your jewellery



Cut is a very important quality factor, and probably the most challenging, of the four Cs to understand. The brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on its cut, which give a diamond that brightness that seems to come from the very heart of the diamond. The quality of the cut is a result of just the right angles, proportions and finish of the diamond.  It is the quality of the cut that gives a diamond its ability to handle light, which in turn leads to its dazzling brilliance and fire.


Almost all diamonds contain some inner flaws, or inclusions, that occur during the formation process.  These inclusions are the ‘birthmarks’ of the diamond.  The visibility, number and size of these inclusions determine what is called the clarity of a diamond. The inclusions interfere with the path of light through the diamond and therefore, diamonds that contain a lower degree of these inclusions create more brilliance.  The better the clarity of the diamond the more expensive the diamond will be.  Most inclusions in a diamond are so small that it is not possible to see them with the naked eye.


A diamond is graded based on its lack of colour.  The less colour, or the more colourless a diamond is, the greater its value and its visual appeal. Diamond colour grades range as follows:

  • D-F (Colourless) – These are the rarest and highest colour grade diamonds
  • G-J (Near Colourless) – These are rare diamonds still with a bright white colour
  • K-M (Faint) – These are not so rare diamonds with a slight yellow tint
  • N-R (Very Light) – These are widely available diamonds with noticeable yellow tint
  • S-Z (Light) – These grade of diamonds are plentiful in the market and therefore the lowest colour grade

Colourless and Near Colourless diamonds are the most desirable since they allow the most refraction of light (sparkle). 

Carat (weight)

Diamond Carat is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured  As diamond carat weight increases so does its value, however it is important to note that as larger diamonds are rarer than smaller ones, the value of a single diamond increases exponentially with its carat weight.  Often the carat weight of a diamond is used when talking about the diamonds size.  Although this is not strictly correct, naturally, as the weight of a diamond increases, so does its size, and for this reason people use Carat weight as an indication of size. 

The table below shows the approximate diameter of a round and princess cut diamond as the carat weight changes:

Diamond Weight in carats:

Round Diamond diameter in mm:

Princess Diamond size in mm:































Dimensions 20.7mm (H) x 8.3mm (W)
Gemstone Grade AAAA
Gemstone Details Purple Amethyst 8x12mm

Amethyst Jewellery


Our Amethysts are selected very carefully.  They are a beautiful shade of purple with the excellent transparency.  We maintain a very good quality of Amethyst throughout our jewellery.


Amethyst at a Glance: 

 Mineral Name:  Quartz
 Colour:  Deep shade of purple or a light lavender
 Main Factor  Affecting  Value:  Certain types of inclusions are found more often in natural gemstones than in their synthetic counterparts
 Inclusions:  Needles, clouds, fluids, and crystals are examples of inclusions typically found in these gemstones
 Birthstone:  Amethyst is a February Birthstone
 Some Diamond Mines:  Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, Austria, Arizona & Texas (USA)


February's birthstone is the amethyst. Amethysts are said to reduce mental tension, induce pleasant dreams, prevent over-indulgence, help with breaking bad habits, and encourage transformation. The ancient Greeks believed that amethysts protected against drunkenness and passion. The stone's name comes from the Greek word amethystos, or "not drunken."


World of Amethyst

Amethyst was as expensive as ruby & emerald until the 19th Century, when Brazil’s large deposits were unveiled. It was believed to prevent intoxication—amethystos means ‘not drunk’ in Ancient Greek. Today, as the most valued quartz variety, amethyst is in demand for designer pieces and its purple to pastel hues retain wide consumer appeal.  The use of Amethyst in Jewellery creates a wonderful combination when set in yellow or white gold.  Often set with diamonds, Amethyst Jewellery is adorned by millions throughout the world!


Largest amethyst found:

The ‘Empress of Uruguay’ which weighed 2.5 tonnes, was discovered in November 2007 and needed two very large cranes to lift it from the mine where it was discovered in Uruguay. The Crystal Caves Museum paid $75,000 and a further $25,000 just to get the stone cleaned and set up in the museum. It now has a value estimated at over $250,000.


Myths and Legends:

Due to its wine-like colour, Greek legends associated amethysts with Bacchus, the god of wine; son of Jupiter; who was the last god to join the twelve Olympians. Bacchus was tutored into appreciating good wine!  The Greeks believed amethysts prevented drunkenness or intoxication; whilst soldiers during medieval times believed the amulets contained healing powers and kept people ‘cool-headed’.

The name Amethyst was borne from the Greek word ‘ametusthos’, (not intoxicated). Bacchus; angry over an insult and determined to avenge himself declared the first person he’d encounter will be eaten by his tigers. The unfortunate mortal happened to be a beautiful maiden named Amethyst on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana. As the ferocious beasts attempted to ambush her, she sought the protection of the goddess and was saved by being turned into a clear, white crystal. Bacchus, regretting his cruelty, poured the juice of his grapes over the stone as an offering, giving the gem its lush purple hue.


Amethyst: As a ‘talisman’.

The amethyst is believed to stimulate and sooth the mind. The gemstone is highly regarded as a gem that rises above its commonality and transcends it. Amethyst is especially supportive of the emotional body, bringing those who are overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to centre.


Interesting facts and beliefs:


1. Amethyst is an alternative variation of quartz, the second most abundant mineral on Earth.

2. Amethyst is especially calming of the emotional body, bringing those who are overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to normality. It eases tensions that lead to headaches, and is a great talisman to calm those who tend to be hot-headed and easily irritated.

3. Amethysts, famously claim to prevent drunkenness but also claims to prevent over-indulgences within ‘the richer classes’.

4. In today’s world, Amethysts are a remarkable stone of spirituality and contentment, known for their metaphysical abilities to alter the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. Its high frequency is believed to purify the aura of any negative energy, and create a protective shield of light around the body, allowing the wearer to remain clear, lucid and grounded while opening to spiritual direction. Amethyst is also believed to stimulates the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras enhancing cognitive perception as well as accelerating the development of intuitive ability. It initiates wisdom and an understanding, and provides comfort for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

5. Amethyst is believed to help in the creation of new ideas, from conception to delivery, and bring projects to a completion - A talisman of focus and drive.

6. Amethyst is the birthstone for February and one of the emblems of the twelve apostles.

7. Top quality amethysts have been set in religious jewellery and crown jewels for hundreds of years. It was once considered equal in value to ruby, emerald & sapphire. It’s no wonder amethyst adorns the fingers of bishops as well as the regalia of the British monarch.


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