At Diamond Treats:

  • All our rubies are natural gemstones.
  • We maintain excellent clarity and a lovely deep red colour in all rubies.
  • Our rubies are cut with high precision for extra sparkle and shine.
  • Ruby size and specifications are stated on the product pages of our website.
  • We provide certification with all our ruby jewellery.

Ruby necklace and ruby earrings set on goldRuby as the status quo of gemstone jewellery:

The Material:

  • Made out of the material Corundum.
  • Sturdy and Resilient, ranks 9 out of 10 on the hardness scale.
  • Crimson red colour due to chromium inclusion in the gemstone.
  • They are mined mostly in Mozambique,Thailand and Cambodia.

The Occasion:

  • Ruby is July's Birthstone. Ideal Birthday gift for anyone born that month.
  • Ancient lore tells us that a ruby is capable of reconciling lover's quarrels. Makes for the perfect making up gift.
  • It is also an ideal 40th wedding anniversary gift.
  • Perfect for relationship Anniversaries and romantic gifts.

Energy and Symbology:

Ruby is a stone that is said to shield against emotional damage and negativity. It also is said to provide the owner with:
  • Courage
  • Selflessness
  • Emotional stability and joy
rubies close up

The Myth and the Meaning:

  • A ruby engagement ring is said to express passion and promise.
  • A heart-shaped ruby is said to attract love when worn over the heart in a red velvet bag filled with seashells.
  • A ruby gemstone is said to promote enthusiasm, vigour and passion for life.
  • It is also believed to promote dynamic leadership.

The Lifestyle:

  • Ruby Jewellery has since ancient times been associated with wealth and prosperity.
  • In Dec 2011, Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery collection was sold off on auction. Notably a ring set with an 8.24 carat gem that broke the 'price-per-carat' record for rubies - $512,925 per carat, estimated $4.2m in total!
  • Some Notable Celebrities who wear rubies include: Dannii Minogue, Demi Moore, Taylor Swift, Kate Nash and more.

The History:

  • Rubies are mentioned four times in the Bible, in association with attributes like beauty and wisdom.
  • In the language of Sanskrit, ruby is called ratnaraj, or ‘king of precious stones’.
  • The regal & wealthy classes had exquisite collections of rubies. It personified the symbol of power for the mighty rulers.
  • Ruby comes from the Latin origin ruber, meaning red.