At Diamond Treats:

  • All our Topaz stones are natural gemstones.
  • We maintain excellent clarity and a lovely bright blue colour in all Topaz.
  • Our Blue Topaz are cut with high precision for extra sparkle and shine.
  • Topaz size and specifications are stated on the product pages of our website.
  • We provide certification with all our Blue Topaz jewellery.

Topaz earrings made from white and yellow gold and topaz necklace made from white goldTopaz and its Characteristics:

The Material:

  • Sturdy and Resilient, ranks 8 out of 10 on Mohs hardness scale.
  • Variety of Colours due to Inclusions or Treatment.
  • Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine.
  • Topaz can be found near cassiterite and fluorite deposits or alluvial placer deposits.
  • Most common locations include North and South America.

The Occasion:

  • November’s birthstone is topaz. Ideal Birthday gift for anyone born that month.
  • It is also an ideal 4th year wedding anniversary gift.
  • Perfect for relationship Anniversaries and romantic gifts.
  • Make for thoughtful graduation gifts and mother’s day gifts!

The Energy and Symbology:

Wearing blue topaz Jewellery is said to provide the wearer with:
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Wider attention span
Blue topaz is a stone that promotes joy, creativity and mindfulness. It is said to promote emotional stability, abundance and has also some physical healing abilities. It is believed that it is a stone that keeps your health stable and even heals you get well sooner if you are troubled by ailments.   many scattered topaz gemstones

The Myth and the Meaning:

  • The Greeks believed that topaz gave them divine strength
  • It was believed that wearing a topaz pendant necklace enhances confidence and also restores lost energy.
  • If worn above the heart it was said to assures long life, beauty and intelligence.

The Lifestyle:

  • Topaz is a very beautiful stone. It is so beautiful that people use Synthetic Topaz to create sculptures and luxurious home decor!
  • Among many other celebrities Lisa Rinna wife of US actor Harry Hamlyn was spotted wearing Topaz at the Daytime Emmy Awards, in August 2014
  • Blue Topaz is used by numerous high fashion and high jewellery brands as a go-to option for bold centre gemstone pieces.

The History:

  • Topaz was used in jewellery in antiquity a lot. With Ancient Greeks using it foremost, together with Amethyst.
  • Topaz was worn by the Ancient Egyptians as a talisman to prevent injuries
  • The word topaz is thought to have derived from the Greek word "Τοpáziοs" which literally translates to "the one that comes from the Island of Topazos”.